The Maharaja, Great South Indian Food

Apart from stuffing my face and making stuff to stuff my face with, my favourite pastime is floating doing rivers in my kayak. Last Saturday, after a day on a North Wales raging torrent, I arrived home happy but without the required desire to tackle anything in the kitchen, a take away on the couch in front of the telly was my intended evenings entertainment. I was then struck with the difficult decision of where to order from, the nearby Smithdown Road has many choices but finding one of quality that delivers, is quite tricky. A quick query on twitter was my solution, hoping for some inspired choices for home delivery.

Cafe Sekander, of Allerton Road, came recommended by @cunny71, I was just about to order when the enviously influential Chris Pople suggested the Maharaja of London Road may do deliveries. Having heard many people comment on the high quality of the Maharaja, I quickly perused its menu and placed my order.

Chicken Butter Fry

Thirty five minutes later, for the not inconsiderable price of £16.65, Chicken Butter Fry, Duck Olathu, Malabar Paratha and Safron Rice arrived at my door.  It was a sizeable meal for a hungry kayaker and perfect sustenance for a night watching telly. The chicken was lightly battered, which had lost its crunch during its travel from kitchen to door, but it was tender, moist and quite tasty. The duck at first glance looked greeny-grey and quite unappealing, however its appearance masked a fragrant, slightly sweet delicious dish, tender duck and delicate spicing, very good. The Malabar Paraths, a Keralan speciality, was a soft fried thin bread, that was quite delicate and less weighty than a nan, a perfect device for mopping up leftover sauce.

Duck Olathu, Malabar Paratha and Saffron Rice

Many places in Liverpool that call themselves ‘take aways’ consider it a badge of mediocrity, cheap poorly made food mainly originating from jars, packets and tins. This was different, fresh, tasty and very well made, it was food that strayed far from the tiresome offerings of most ‘Indian’ restaurants in this city. I’ll be visiting the restaurant some time very soon.

The Maharaja
34-36 London Road
L3 5NF

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