The Bubble Room

I have to say The Bubble Room, in Woolton village,  wasn’t what I was expecting, to me the name conjured up images of somewhere more informal, somewhere with a relaxed feel to it. I was intrigued to find that The Bubble Room is really quite smart, it has a more formal atmosphere and a feel of quality to it. I liked it, it was comfy and inviting and had a sense of professionalism.

This isn’t really a full review, a friend and I popped in the other night for a quick meal, so it was just main courses. Not sure what to expect the menu was fairly traditional nothing standing out as being different or original just a good array of grill style food. At the upper middle end of the price range, an average of about £16 for a main course, it would have to be of good quality to compete with other liverpool venues.

Some bread and olives (£3.95) to share were good, mainly because this was bread baked on the premises. It wasn’t the finest artisan bread but it was good to see a restaurant doing what most others don’t bother with.  A Woolton burger (£10.95) was deep and rich and meaty, clearly made of quality meat, although the bun wasn’t the advertised focaccia. This isn’t a bad thing as focaccia is rubbish for burgers, I decent soft bun is perfect. I would have liked some more salad in the burger itself, I like the crunch of lettuce and fresh onion to go with the soft meat.

A fillet of pan-fried cod (£16.25) was beautifully cooked, soft and moist in the centre with crisp charred skin, it has some lovely butter sauce with it and it worked well with the accompanying shrimp and samphire. Crunchy polenta chips added texture and flavour and the whole dish would have been great if it wasn’t for the mass of capers sprinkled all over it. To be honest I could easily push them to the side, so they weren’t too bad, but such a powerful flavour should be used with a delicacy of touch this chef was unwilling or unable to master.

One quick pudding between two, was not originally part of the plan but I found the chocolate orange tortellini (£6.25) a tempting sounding dish. The chocolate pasta was soft and not at all stodgy, the crunch of honeycomb and sweet sharp blackberries was really good, it was an interesting and tasty plate.

The bubble room was good and I enjoyed my meal, ok there were a few touches that need addressing such as the over use of caper and the service was a bit slow. The food is of the bar and grill style and done well, with some skill shown in the cooking of the fish and the making of the tortellini. The prices are ok, £37 for our food which was about average for this style of venue. This is a good restaurant serving decent, it’s not original or different it follows a very well trodden path but at least it does it well. The Bubble Room does this grill style food as good as anywhere in the city centre, thus if you’re in South Liverpool and that’s what you fancy it worth a visit.
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