60 Hope Street

60 Hope Street

I’ve mentioned 60 before, see my Michelin star article, and indeed had high hopes for it. Apparently a new head chef has taken charge, and this combined with continuing good reviews led me to believe it was going to get better and better.

A recent meal, however, made me think differently. The skill of the cooking being undertaken is still good, we had some very nice fresh pasta, perfectly cooked scallops and soft and tender duck during our meal. The problem lies in the complexity of the dishes, it can be, as aptly demonstrated by this meal, the hardest thing to put just a few things on a plate. Most of the dishes we had were overcrowded with too many elements, for instance this scallop dish with accompaniments of anchovies, capers, gherkins, pearl barley, parsley sauce. This was a theam for the meal, over complex dishes with too many elements that don’t sit well together.

The quality of the cooking is good, however the production of coherent dishes is not.

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