Adventures in Bread

Adventures in Bread
Taken from "Doug" by Richard Bertinet

I love Bread.

Plain and simple, its fun to make and once you get into it a little its very interesting. I won’t claim to be the worlds best baker, but I’m not bad and bake fresh bread about 4 to 5 times a week. Here is toady’s bread some Fougasse from Richard Bertinet’s book Doug, a fantastic book for learning to make bread. I would also recommend Bread Matters by Andrew Whitley if you want something more in-depth and technical.

Bread is great and I would urge you all to try baking your own, for those completely new try this recipe, by Paul Hollywood, a great first time bread.

As for Liverpool, since the closing of Chalkins (about 8 years ago now), there hasn’t been a bakery that I really like, Sandra Dee’s baker on picton road is nice, but I’d rather just bake my own. Does anyone else know of a good baker in Liverpool? Are the days of really great fresh bread gone for good?

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