Patisserie Valerie

Patisserie Valerie

What do we expect when we hear the word ‘Patisserie’, I for one expect an array of wonderful looking cakes and pastries clamouring to be devoured. This isn’t what you get at Patisserie Valerie in Liverpool. It’s tiered cakes look old and past it, they obviously lack, as does the service, the care and attention required.

I couldn’t see a frangipani tart in the window so, with a faint trace of hope, I ordered one off the menu. What arrived looked good initially, but on closer inspection had soggy pastry and fairly solid frangipani. The cherries had some faint flavour, but no real sweetness or sharpness. I doubt this was made either on the premisses or within the last 24 hours.

The service was also a bit lacking, however as it’s quite new, staff do take time to bed in.

On the whole, could do much better. It’s a chain company trying to emulate a classic continental patisserie, but coming up short.

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