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Siam Garden

The Siam Garden has been around for a long time, and I used to go quite regularly. However, I think it been almost ten years since I was last there. My avoidance was never intentional, but with the i…

Cotes Du Rhone

Cheap and Good Wine

Now I don’t feel qualified in any way to do a wine review. I like wine, in fact, I really like wine, and at a push, I think I can tell a good wine from a bad one, but that's as far as it goes. I usua…

New York Pastrami Sandwich


Eat is a ling established sandwich shop that originated in London, it is in my mind similar to Pret a Manger, a Liverpool branch has just opened. It offers a clean simple cafe with a broad selection …

Adventures in Bread

Adventures in Bread

I love Bread. Plain and simple, its fun to make and once you get into it a little its very interesting. I won’t claim to be the worlds best baker, but I’m not bad and bake fresh bread about 4 to 5…