The Taste of Disappointment at Southport Food Festival

The Taste of Disappointment at Southport Food Festival

Now before I start, I must add that I didn’t go at the best time, I attended at midday on Thursday, mainly due to this being the only time I could get there. Admittedly this probably wasn’t the best time to visit, but that doesn’t justify what was on offer. The website, however, was lacking clear information about what would be on and when it would be on. So as I arrived, I wasn’t sure of what I would l find. What I did find was a lot of closed stalls, and what was on offer was not particularly interesting. There was a Chinese buffet bar, and roast turkey sandwich stall and a few others on lord street, but nothing I found particularly interesting. There was a cooking demonstration by Claire from Masterchef about to start, and I assume there would be other demonstrations during the day, but I couldn’t find any further info about them.

Feeling instead let down, I wondered up to Chapel street, looking for the local produce market hoping for more exciting offerings. What I found was pretty similar to the Liverpool farmers market but nowhere near as good. Annoying stalls offering nothing out of the ordinary and some really average produce. It wasn’t all bad as I walked past the stalls offering run of the mill hog roast in pappy white bread rolls, venison burgers, baklava, or big bowls of olives. I had some nice chocolate from a company call Chocolate Wizard and what was called a Lolli Cake, which was very pretty and tasty if a touch was expensive.

I won’t return to the Southport Food Festival if you’re interested in good produce and interesting food. The Liverpool farmers market has a lot more to offer. Now some of the other events, that I didn’t get to see because of when I attended, might have been better, but with a lack of info available, I couldn’t tell you when they were on. The festival needs better logistics and more interesting diverse content, to make it worth visiting.

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